Body Contouring

Wood Therapy and Ultrasonic Cavitation

Snatch that waist & Shape those thighs effortlessly with a combination treatment of Wood Therapy and Ultrasonic Cavitation.

Our Approach

At UpLift Spa, we’ve created our own method of Non-Invasive Body Contouring. Each treatment plan and session is made up of a blend of Wood Therapy techniques, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Vacuum therapy to reduce unwanted fat, tighten and sculpt targeted areas. Our method is focused on each client’s unique needs and body goals; therefore, we create a custom treatment plan for every client to achieve maximum results.


Wood therapy is a proven manual technique that utilizes various wooden tools to help break up unwanted fat, reduce inflammation, sculpt areas of the body and promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to further break down fat cells in the body by converting them to fatty acids which the body then metabolizes and releases.

Combining both of these modalities together helps to ensure that we shrink the maximum amount of fat and that the fat waste can be naturally excreted out of your body through your Lymphatic system. We further customize your treatment, based on your body type and goals, to include Radio Frequency and/or Vacuum Massage.

It doesn’t even hurt! The results are a smoother, smaller, tighter, snatched figure.
Say YES PLEASE!!! Book your appt now and allow our experienced specialists to curate a treatment plan that works for you and achieve your ultimate body goals. Not sure what you need, book a consult with one of our expert specialists.


It is recommended to complete 6-8 sessions total, once a week, for maximum results. Hydration is key, so please ensure plenty of water consumption throughout your treatment sessions to help boost the lymphatic system and ensure the body eliminates all of the fat cell waste conversion, allowing for maximum results.


Pricing varies per person. Since everyone’s body type is different, we suggest booking a consultation to determine what package and treatment plan is best for you and your budget. This comfortable, no down-time fat burning treatment is all the rage. What are you waiting for???


Clients should avoid caffeine 3 hours prior to and after their treatment. Clients should also avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to and up to 72 hours post treatment.



What Our Clients Are Saying

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