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Uplift Spa Is Moving20220324183109

Uplift Spa Is Moving

March 24, 2022
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What is LED Light Therapy, and it’s Important Benefits?

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Just Treat Yourself!

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The Toxic Truth

May 15, 2020
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We think it’s safe to say that beach weather is HERE and we all want to get beach ready and show off our best bikinis 👙

⚡️ We have a brand new painless treatment coming soon that literally starts to melt fat in a matter of minutes with no downtime.

⚡️ Stay tuned for this exciting launch on June 15th!

⚡️ Mark your calendars! Join us at UpLift Spa on Wed 6/15/22 from 4pm-8pm to see for yourself.

✨ Aging is a natural part of the human experience, but there are certainly steps that we can utilize to avoid speeding up signs of aging!

☀️ SPF - Don’t leave home without it! Using a high quality SPF, like @biojouvance 5 in 1 SPF, will protect your skin from harmful sun damage such as premature wrinkles and age spots.

💖 Show your skin some love and don’t skip your skin care. Consistent skin care routines with natural and clean products will maintain healthy youthful skin by removing impurities and replenishing moisture! Ask us about the natural skin care lines we carry.

🍃 UpLift Spa also offers a number of treatments that prevents and treats signs of aging such as: Glycolic Facials, Vampire Facials, MicroNeedling and RadioFrequency.

✨ Curious to find a skincare routine and treatment plan for you? Book a consultation with us!

❗️After one session of Microneedling and PRP! Skin is more plump, healthier, fine lines and wrinkles are decreased!

✨ PRP is essentially liquid gold for your skin. In combination with Microneedling, it generates new collagen and elastin, regenerates skin cells, and speeds up the healing process.

✨ Microneedling and PRP is effective for anyone with scarring, severe hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging!

✨ Book a consultation with us! Make sure you call/text us at 646-952-2074, DM us here or just stop by!

Have you tried the @alituranaturals Gold Serum?!

🌹 It contains organic Rose water, which helps control excess oil and it has anti-inflammatory properties!

✨ This anti-oxidant serum also helps strengthen skin cells and prevent signs of aging!

🌹 This powerful serum also aids in maintaining the skins natural PH balance.

✨ It plumps up skin and prevents fine lines, wrinkles, and it replenishes and nourishes the skin!

🌹 Get yours at UpLift Spa!

If you haven’t tried LED Light Therapy, you’re missing out!

✨ LED Light therapy is an amazing, non-invasive, calming, and effective treatment that treats a multitude of skin issues and stress related issues.

✨ It can treat acne, aging, and aids in wound healing (antibacterial) and reducing inflammation.

✨ It can also treat, stress and anxiety as well as reduce effects of jet lag.

✨ This is a natural, yet effective treatment great for all skin types and ages.

✨ Contact us for more info!!!

✨ MicroNeedling gently and smoothly perforates the top 2 layers of your skin. This stimulates the skin’s natural healing response, boosting new production of collagen and elastin, “filling” in the micro-injuries created by the treatment.

✨ This results in faded fine lines and wrinkles, shrunken pores, and smoothed out acne scars. It even works on stretch marks!

✨ PRP works with MicroNeedling to speed up the healing process and plump up the skin, boosting the benefits of microneedling!

⭐️ Right now we are offering 25% off your choice of Microneedling & PRP or Laser Rejuvenation Facials!

⭐️ To take advantage make sure you call/text us at 646-952-2074, DM us here or just stop by! Or BOOK ONLINE with the promo code “25OFF”!

Did you know, we have a NEW treatment coming soon? 😉😘

✨ Want to know what it is? Make sure you’re opted-in for our emails and consistently coming in for your visits!

✨ We cannot wait to share this with you, but for now, it’s top secret! 🤫😉

⚡️ Laser! Laser! Laser!

⚡️ Shaving costs most women over $23,000 during the course of their lifetime! Not to mention, you have to shave every day to maintain smooth and hair-free skin!

⚡️ Laser hair removal offers long term hair reduction at a fraction of the cost!

⚡️ Ditch the razor and switch to laser!

✨ The magic of Microneedling to treat post acne scarring! It took just 1 treatment to get these results!!!

✨ Microneedling treats a variety of skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, plumpness, texture and even hyperpigmentation caused by scarring!

✨ Skin is left smoother, clearer, and pores look smaller! We recommend 3-4 sessions at 6 weeks apart for the best results!

✨ Right now we are offering 25% off your choice of Microneedling & PRP or Laser Rejuvenation Facials!

✨ To take advantage make sure you call/text us at 646-952-2074, DM us here or just stop by! Or BOOK ONLINE with the promo code “25OFF”!

🌴 We are ready for summer beach days! Here is a quick go to summer prep!!

👙 BTL Vanquish Me - We absolutely need our bikini bodies ready! Vanquish me targets reduction of circumference and increased contouring of the abdominal area! We absolutely love it!

⚡️ Laser Hair Removal - Hairy legs at the beach?! No thanks! Laser hair removal has us worry free thanks to its long term hair reduction benefits! Smooth, hairless legs for days!

☀️ SPF - We absolutely LOVE the sun on a nice summers day, but we do not love the damage it can cause our skin! We recommend opting for the @bioujouvance 5 in 1 SPF! This way you can soak up the sun safely!