People who love UpLift Spa

I go here for Laser Hair Removal and I can attest that UpLift spa is amazing! The place is very clean, bright, and stocked with refreshments… I had never had laser hair removal before, but I quickly felt at ease and became comfortable with the process once I started here.”
Everyone was really nice and my Kansa Vatki session was wonderful. I'll definitely be back for more...and other services, as well. Thanks Alexi and Yasmine!
Paul G.
I love this place! I have lots of different packages, although I was scared to invest so much money at first, I’ve never looked back or regretted my decision for Laser Hair Removal… I’ve seen a tremendous difference. Most importantly, when I go into this spa, I feel like I’m seeing family! Thank you so much UpLift Spa!
Jessica T.
Wow Wow Wow, This place is a gem in east Harlem. Super clean, friendly and inviting. I bought a package for six laser treatments for my underarms and am on the 4th session. Yasmine is very kind and puts you at ease. Im still amazed that I no longer have to shave. I've also gotten a facial with Casilda that was the best one I've ever had. (Im going in for another facial tomorrow). Casilda is a complete professional and very knowledgeable of what to do with my combination skin. I have found my spa and recommend it to everyone. Book a treatment, your skin will thank you.
Dorian P.
“Hello, Yazmin is magical!!!!! She’s very friendly, a healer, and she made me look younger just after one session!!! You’re supposed to do 6 sessions in a row to retrain your face muscles… OMG, where can I get a sugar daddy to pay for my face massages I’m poor boots. I’m going to hold off on Juvederm for a bit longer after discovering this face lift massage. Go to Yazmin. Come to this Spa. That’s all, goodnight.”
Nicole R.
I’ve been going to uplift spa for a few months now and my experience has been nothing less than amazing. My technician is Adriana and she has made me feel very comfortable and at home for every single appointment. I feel as though I have been a client of theirs for years now. She keeps me calm and talks to me throughout the process. Sometimes I even forget about the pain (very minimal) because we are so deep in conversation. Every time I go to my appointment I get excited inside because I enjoy the staff and my experience. They are all so very friendly, compassionate and professional. I’m happy to be a client and I recommend them to my friends, family and anyone else out there. I wonder what I will do when I am done with all of my laser treatments because I will miss it so much.
Tenhai Fung
“Peaceful oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. I had a session of the natural face lift and I ended up buying 5 more! Noticed a dramatic difference and felt so relaxed! Looking forward to my weekly appointments. I’m in love!"
Monica P.
I am very satisfied with Uplift spa and I am very happy I found this amazing place. Everyone here is very friendly and make you feel comfortable while giving you the most appropriate tips to improve your skin. The prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this place. I am very picky and I've tried numerous places in NYC--- Uplift became my place of choice.
Geraldine Arquer

Kissing strawberry legs good bye with Laser Hair Removal!

🍓 Strawberry legs occur when enlarged pores or hair follicles trap dead skin, oil, and bacteria.

🍓 A person often experiences strawberry legs following shaving.

🍓 Laser Hair Removal can eliminate strawberry legs by removing the hair from the follicle and preventing debris from clogging follicles!

🍓 With our current promo, we are offering discounted Laser Hair Removal packages legs! 3 sessions of Half Leg is only $250 (regularly $389) and 3 sessions of Full Leg is only $400 (regularly $599)

Have you tried the @alituranaturals Gold serum? We use this miracle serum in all of our facials so you can see the instant glow it gives the skin when you visit us!

🌹 It contains organic Rose water, which helps control excess oil and it has anti-inflammatory properties!

✨ This anti-oxidant serum also helps strengthen skin cells and prevent signs of aging!

🌹 This powerful serum also aids in maintaining the skins natural PH balance.

Get yours at Uplift Spa!

Thank you to all of our amazing clients who leave us these wonderful testimonials! We love to hear your feedback and you can always leave a review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook! 💖💕 ...

Amazing results from our Underarm Lightening Treatment! Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and discoloration with this amazing treatment.

✨UpLift Spa uses a multi-step process that combines natural acid peels in a layering effect to more effectively lighten and brighten these intimate areas such as the Underarms and the HooHaa.

✨ This lightening system is specifically formulated with ALL natural ingredients to treat sensitive skin areas.

✨ It is a safe and effective treatment that promises impeccable results after 3 treatments!

✨Book your treatment now!

It’s time for an Uplift Spa beach body check list because summer isn’t over, yet!

🏖 ☀️ 🌊 🏄‍♂️

1. Laser Hair Removal for smooth, hairless, legs and skin!

2. BTL Vanquish Me to melt away stubborn fat, resulting in the dream body you deserve!

3. Velashape to blast cellulite, resulting in toned and firmed skin.

4. SPF to protect skin from harmful UV damage so you can keep skin youthful and healthy!


We’ve got you covered at Uplift Spa so you can enjoy the rest of the summer, looking and feeling your absolute best! Contact us to book a consultation!

You NEED the right skincare routine to survive the summer heat! No worries, Uplift Spa has your back, with the best skincare products that are natural, effective, and chemical free!! 😉 Stop by Uplift Spa to begin your skincare journey!!! ...

The Skin Classic is A non-Laser Treatment that brings excess sebum to the surface and dries it out.

It can treat virtually any skin irregularity that is 100% on the surface of skin (epidermal layer).

The results are smoother and even textured skin!

Contact us for a consultation!!

If you haven’t tried LED Light Therapy, you’re missing out!

✨ LED Light therapy is an amazing, non-invasive, calming, and effective treatment that treats a multitude of skin issues and stress related issues.

✨ It can treat acne, aging, and aids in wound healing (antibacterial) and reducing inflammation.

✨ It can also treat, stress and anxiety as well as reduce effects of jet lag.

✨ This is a natural, yet effective treatment great for all skin types and ages.

✨ Contact us for more info!!!

It’s your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of our newest promo before it expires!!! Get summer body ready before summer is over with our Velashape promo! ☀️ 👙🏊🏼‍♂️🌊

🌞 For a limited time we are offering an EXCLUSIVE promotion of 25% - 40% Off Velashape Packages.

🌞 Velashape targets loose skin and cellulite, leaving you with a firm and toned body!

🌞 Most patients require 6 treatments to see the results they desire.

🌞 Most clients describe the treatment as a heated deep massage with little to no pain.

Book your appointment now!
Promo ends 7/31/21!!!

😱 Incredible results from 5 BTL Vanquish Me sessions!!

⚡️ BTL Vanquish me is a non-invasive treatment that effectively reduces fat, while improving the contouring around your abdomen and love handles.

⚡️ It’s a 45 minute, painless, non-surgical treatment with no down-time.

⚡️ Whats amazing is results improve over time and there are NO nasty side effects.

⚡️ It is a non invasive and non surgical treatment with proven results! Get the body YOU deserve