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UpLift Spa joined the East Harlem community in Aug of 2017. We were thrilled to be the first boutique skin spa to drastically increase the ease and accessibility of getting core aesthetic and ayurvedic services done in and around East Harlem.

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UpLift Spa focuses on improving not only how you look on the outside, but also how you feel on the inside. This is where technology and nature come together to create the most holistic treatment, customized just for your needs.

We believe that everyone is beautiful, and we would love the privilege of helping you bring your natural beauty to life!

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Independently owned by a woman of color, one of our core values is to treat the community we are in. Half of our clients are right in our back yard. Families and friends are plenty. When you come to UpLift Spa, you become part of our family. Join our mailing list to get invited to our special events and quarterly wellness workshops (is. skincare, essential oils, natural makeup).

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Our Brand Ambassadors are special to us and we are thrilled to be working with them. To name a few:

Sel.Xo (Selangie)Fashion Icon
MeliiHip-Hop Singer
Bryana ShawThe Breakdown Podcaster


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Bring Your Natural Beauty to Life

💖 2023 is still young and we are entering the month of love! What better way to celebrate love than by showing yourself love!

💖 A dedicated self care routine is ESSENTIAL to building confidence and creating healthy habits.

💖 And for your skin self love, UpLift Spa is here to guide you! Make sure you book a consultation so we can develop the best self loving skin care plan for you!

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

✨ Check out this inside look of the truSculpt iD treating the submental area (aka double chin)!

✨ One of the most beneficial areas for truSculpt iD treatment, is the chin.

✨ Why? Because truSculpt iD melts the fat around the chin, while also firming loose skin, leaving you with a defined and sculpted jaw line!

✨ This treatment is a non-surgical, sculpting treatment that allows you to get amazing results in as little as Three 15 minute treatments with no downtime.

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

✨ Glow, dewy, youthful skin in a bottle!? Say hello to @alituranaturals Gold Serum!

✨ This luxurious anti-oxidant serum strengthens skin cells and prevents signs of aging! Younger plumper skin? Yes please!

🌹 It contains organic Rose water, which helps control excess oil and it has anti-inflammatory properties!

🥇Even better, It contains nature’s version of Retinol. Retinol aids the skin in cellular turnover for smoother skin and is crucial in anti-aging. With nature’s version of retinol, you don’t have to worry about sun exposure or sensitivity to light. It’s a WIN WIN!

✨ It also aids in maintaining the skins natural PH balance while plumping up skin and preventing fine lines and wrinkles!

🌹 Pick your bottle up at UpLift Spa!

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

⚡️ Men deserve self care too! At UpLift Spa, we are here to GUIDE YOU!

⚡️ First things first, you need a good skin care routine! A cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF!

⚡️ Luckily, UpLift Spa has some of the best, natural, and effective skin products for both men and women from brands like @alituranaturals and @biojouvanceparis

⚡️Laser shape ups are a great way to keep facial hair well groomed without continual visits to the barber.

⚡️Laser hair removal helps eliminate unsightly bumps and discoloration caused by razor burn.

⚡️Book a consultation asap so we can work together to create the best grooming plan to keep you looking young, fresh, and healthy!

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

⚡️ Want a shape up that LASTS?! Laser shape ups are just for you!

⚡️ Check out these amazing results from 12 sessions of Laser Hair Removal!

⚡️ In the after, there is No more hyperpigmentation! Skin is even and smoothed and the shape up still looks fresh!

⚡️One of the biggest issues men face when getting old school shape ups is hyperpigmentation and ingrowns! This is due to shaving.

⚡️Laser Hair Removal is the most effective way to keep ingrowns, bumps, and hyperpigmentation away!

⚡️ So put down the 🪒 and book yourself for laser!

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

🍃When’s the last time you had a facial?! 🤨

🍃 Consistent facials lead to consistently good looking skin. Our All-Natural Brightening Facials with optional add-ons are natural, safe, and effective! They are totally customizable!

🍃 We use @alituranaturals clay mask which has amazing brightening and detoxifying benefits. It brings impurities to the surface, and works to brighten and tone skin with L Ascorbic Acid (a highly penetrative form of Vitamin C).

🍃 The experience is super relaxing and the results are even, plumped, glowing, and soft skin! Consistency is key!

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

✨ Our New Year, New You promo is still going on! Don’t miss out!

✨We’re running a promo where you can get up to 30% off Laser Hair Removal!

✨ Right now six session packages for all areas are on SALE!

✨ If you start your laser sessions now, you’ll be ready by summer! So don’t miss out!

✨ You can even book online with promo code: NEWYOU2023

✨ Promo is valid 1/01/2023 - 1/31/2023!!!

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

🥂 This was so much fun! We recently had a raffle with some lucky winners! What did they win? SecretRF & truSculpt iD!

🥂 SecretRF works to rebuild collagen and smooth out skin texture, scars, and fine lines and wrinkles! It uses fractionated microneedling to remodel the skin’s dermal layer and smooth out the skin’s texture on the surface, while delivering tailored radio frequency energy in the deepest layers of skin, resulting in benefits you have to see to believe.

🥂 truSculpt iD aka #TheFatBurner melts away stubborn body fat to sculpt and firm your body!

✨ Make sure you’re opted in to receive emails so you can be alerted for our next event! In the mean time, you can book a consultation to see how Secret RF and truSculpt iD can work for you!

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

✨ Do you want a painless and inexpensive way to get a smoother, smaller, tighter, snatched figure? Say YES to Body Contouring. Our newest service!!!

✨At UpLift Spa we’ve created our own method of Non-Invasive Body Contouring. Each treatment plan and session is made up of a blend of Wood Therapy techniques, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Vacuum therapy to reduce unwanted fat, tighten and sculpt targeted areas. We focus on each client’s unique needs and body goals; therefore, we create a custom treatment plan for every client to achieve maximum results.
✨ What is it?
Wood therapy is a proven manual technique that utilizes various wooden tools to help break up unwanted fat, reduce inflammation, sculpt areas of the body and promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.

✨ What is it?
Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to further break down fat cells in the body by converting them to fatty acids which the body then metabolizes and releases. 
✨ Combining both of these modalities together helps to ensure that we shrink the maximum amount of fat and that the fat waste can be naturally excreted out of your body through your Lymphatic system. We further customize your treatment, based on your body type and goals, to include Radio Frequency and/or Vacuum Massage. 

✨ Book a complementary consultation now and allow our experienced specialists to curate a treatment plan that works for you and achieve your ultimate body goals.

📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

🥂 Let's jump start your 2023 Self Care journey

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