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We offer consultations for all of our services and sell many of the products used at the spa online.


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    ⭐️ Before and after of the Skin Classic treatment for skin irregularities!

    ⭐️ Skin Classic is a non-Laser Treatment that brings excess sebum to the surface and dries it out.

    ⭐️ After just 2 sessions, the irregularity appears lighter, smoother, and less visible! Here’s some important things to know about the Skin Classic treatment:

    ⭐️ The skin classic can treat virtually any skin irregularity that is 100% on the surface of skin (epidermal layer).

    ⭐️ Skin Classic can treat skin tags, melia, fibromas, acne and even clogged pores!!!

    ⭐️ We cannot treat any irregularity that stems from the dermal layer of skin, ie. Moles, Scar tissue.

    ⭐️ It’s also suitable for all skin types!

    📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

    Meet our Happy and Amazing Laser Clients @leilaandstitch @miylifestyle ✨✨✨ They are halfway through their sessions and almost Hairless! We can’t wait to finish this journey with you. See you soon! 🫶🏼 ...

    ⚡️ Check out #TheFatBurner

    ⚡️ What is #thefatburner truSculpt iD, is a revolutionary non-surgical, body-sculpting treatment that allows you to personalize your ideal body in as little as one 15-30 minute treatment with no downtime.

    ⚡️ How does it work? truSculpt iD uses innovative Monopolar RF technology to selectively target fat and therapeutically heat it – until fat cells are eliminated by passing through the body naturally.

    ⚡️Non-Surgical? Yes. Non-Invasive? Absolutely!

    ⚡️ Book your consultation and get the body you deserve!

    📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

    🐻 Say hello to the Pinky the Bear! Our bear is there to remind you that you are cared for and it’s okay to relax!

    🐻 To show our love and care to you, the bear also symbolizes our desire and goal to put your comfort first!

    🐻 We are so appreciative of all our clients and so thankful this holiday season for all of the amazing people who’ve had their lives changed by our services and treatments!

    🐻 Meet and greet the Pinky the Bear during your next treatment!

    📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

    🚨High alert! BLACK FRIDAY SALE at UpLift Spa! 🚨

    🚨 We are offering 6 sessions of Laser Hair Removal, on both one large and small area, for only $650! That’s up to 40% off!

    🚨 Pick One Small Area:
    Areola, Bikini Line, Cheeks, Chin, Chin Extension, Ears, Feet, Fingers or Toes, Hands, Happy Trail, Lip, Neck, Shape-up, Sideburns, Underarms

    🚨 Pick One Large Area:
    Arms- Half, Back - Lower, Brazilian, Breasts, Buttocks, Chest - Full, Full Face, Legs - Lower Half, Legs - Upper Half, Shoulders, Stomach

    🚨 Don’t miss your chance! Offer Valid Now through 11/28/22.

    📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

    ⚡️ Laser Hair Removal makes a huge difference around your bikini area! This is where hair is the thickest, creating a greater risk for bumps, ingrowns, and hyperpigmentation!

    ⚡️After just 3 sessions, skin is much clearer and brighter with a SIGNIFICANT reduction in hyperpigmentation.

    ⚡️ Laser hair removal reduces these concerns by totally removing the hair from the follicle!

    ⚡️ Right now, we are offering 6 sessions of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for only $510! Originally $729! Contact us asap!

    📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

    So grateful to have attended this awesome weekend conference by @cuterainc in Beverly Hills, California ✨

    Met amazing people & learned from some of the best in the industry.

    See you all next year in Vegas 🎰✨ #cucf2022 #beverlyhilton #higherlearning #thegetty #californiagirls

    💖 A loving review from a happy laser and facial client who loves our monthly promos!

    💖 Promos are a wonderful way to get the treatments that you deserve at a price you can afford.

    💖 Our current promo: We are offering 6 sessions of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for only $510! Originally $729!

    💖 But our promos change every month!

    💖 Make sure you’re signed up to receive emails from us so you never miss a promotion from us!

    📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029

    Want a smoothed and hair free bikini!? Say yes to Laser Hair Removal!

    ✨ In this video, you can see a clearly SIGNIFICANT reduction in hyperpigmentation after the 4th session!

    ✨ Our skin is so susceptible to hyperpigmentation in the bikini area because that area produces significantly courser hair than the rest of our body. This is why laser hair removal is so important!

    ✨ Shaving leads to ingrowns and bumps which leads to hyperpigmentation, and in some cases, even cysts!

    ✨ Laser hair removal eliminates these issues by completely removing the hair from the follicle.

    ✨ Right now, we are offering 6 sessions of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for only $510! Originally $729! Contact us asap!

    📍120 E. 116th St. NY, NY 10029