Why Radio Frequency is the new WOW

Why Radio Frequency is the new WOW

Want to look younger and for your skin to look like a “baby’s butt?” Well..Radio Frequency (RF) is your answer!

RF is one of the most effective treatments for the signs of aging. It improves and helps the sagginess and laxity of your skin, and the overall natural state of it. Radio Frequency is the number one Non-Surgical, most innovative and non-invasive technique for facial rejuvenation out there. So much so, that even distinguished celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have done it and speak volumes about the results.

And I know, you might be asking yourself, What is Radio Frequency? How does it work? Is it safe? So, here goes…

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency uses different types of energy to heat the skin’s deeper dermal layer in order to stimulate your dormant collagen cells that you naturally lose over time, bringing your youth back to life. It allows for your skin’s appearance to look better and better through toning, tightening and lifting, providing a non-surgical facelift. In addition, it’s a very hydrating treatment, so your face does become as soft as a baby’s butt.

How does it Work?

Once the patient arrives at the spa, a simple cleansing of the skin is done to remove any impurities or residue of makeup the face may have. Following this step, the aesthetician applies ultrasound gel so the RF device can easily glide on the skin. The device is then placed on the skin, and the treatment begins with continuous gliding movements targeting each area one by one, with set time increments, in order to increase the temperature of the dermal layer to 42 degrees celsius within 90 seconds. This is the clinical end point to ensure that the RF treatment is effective. For example, each side of the Jowl will be treated for 10 mins in total. In the first 90 seconds, you want to reach the desired temperature, and then the aesthetician will maintain that temperature in the targeted area.

After each treatment your skin will look more toned and radiant, you will see less sagging and feel softer. Your skin will have greater production of collagen and elasticity. RF even helps with the reduction of wrinkles throughout the face and the bags under your eyes!

Is it Safe?

You may wonder, is Radio Frequency safe with my type of skin? The response is YES! Radio Frequency is a treatment that anyone, with all types of skin tones and laxity can get in order to improve the structure of their skin.

Keep in mind that it is normal for your skin to sometimes look a bit red after, but there is nothing to worry about, as it will go away. On occasion the patient may feel a little short-term discomfort due to the heat that’s being delivered to the skin. During your treatment, you can always communicate with your aesthetician to lower the frequency settings if you are sensitive to the heat. It’s no problem at all and most people find the treatment relaxing. And the best news is that there is no down time!

The radiofrequency used in non-surgical treatments is different from that emitted by your microwave or cell phone, or radar equipment—the radiofrequency in skin tightening treatments is highly controlled. FDA cleared technologies use equipment that allows the practitioner to monitor and control the device during treatment to ensure that targeted tissues reach the optimal temperature to induce new collagen production and cell regeneration without overheating.” 


Tips & Benefits:

The treatment takes about one hour and it is recommended to do 3 sessions, in 3 week intervals. You are of course able to do as many as you like, but you want to ensure that you don’t do them too close together. You can even add Microneedling to your RF treatment more effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles. The key is always to give your skin time to heal between sessions. Talk to your provider to determine what schedule is best for you.

Not all radio frequency machines are created equal. You want to ensure you choose a spa that has a clinical grade, FDA approved RF device. The reason being is that if the device cannot induce the optimal temperature in your dermal layer fast enough, you will not stimulate enough collagen to effectively see skin tightening.

Luckily for you, you can start this treatment whenever you like! It is recommended to start doing RF when you start losing collagen, which will naturally occur around your late 20’s to early 30’s.

Your face is the first thing people see when you enter a room. Your skin definitely does say a lot about you. Let’s face it – When you look better, you feel like you’re on top of the world. So, why not treat yourself and get your skin looking youthful and firmer again with a few RF sessions?

You can learn more about the benefits and what to expect by visiting UpLift Spa.

So make sure you don’t miss out on a rewarding and results driven experience, and schedule a free consultation at Uplift Spa today!

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