Why Men Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

Why Men Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

What Women Think About Hair on Men

We are so excited that you are curious about the amazing benefits of laser hair removal, and we are here to assure you that this journey is open to all people, regardless of gender. Laser hair removal has often been associated with just women, but we are here to debunk the myth that women are the only ones who need laser hair removal.

Here are just a few reasons why men need it too:

Get rid of those pesky ingrown hairs

Who wants nicks and cuts under their chin and on their neck? Men’s hair tends to grow a lot thicker than women’s (thanks biology), so men are usually plagued with nasty razor bumps and ingrown hairs. These are two things that do not flatter anyone’s skin. Lucky for you, a number of quick and easy sessions of laser hair removal can correct razor bumps and ingrown hairs, like magic. Laser hair removal also aids in controlling the speed of hair growth, allowing you to have smooth, bump-free skin for much longer periods of time than a shave or wax.

Back Hair was never in fashion

If your aesthetics call for it, what’s the harm in getting rid of that pesky back hair problem, permanently? Even if you just want to thin out your back, chest, arm, or even leg hair, that is totally do-able and super easy with laser hair removal. Your laser hair technician can set up a plan to groom and thin it out or you can say good-bye to back hair FOR GOOD. Whatever path you choose, it is WELL worth it in the end.

Step up your athletics and physicality

Chest workout? Why not show off those pecks! If you’re someone who enjoys working out or athletics, laser hair removal is an absolute necessity. It will make you more agile and aerodynamic, and less likely to harbor unwanted smells due to a sweaty day at the gym. Sweat clings to hair like a magnet, and when sweat mixes with dead skin cells it clogs pores. This can lead to unsightly bumps and body acne. Who needs that, when you can have smooth healthy skin to compliment those chest and shoulder muscles! Be bold, and show it off! You can even take it a step further and get a chest facial ☺

Laser Shape Ups

Keeping up with the frequency of shape ups is inconvenient. You have to visit your barber every other week, or you try and maintain it at home which can lead to some…. questionable results. Leave it to the pros and lower the number of visits you make to your barber by trying a laser shape up. Not only will you be saving money in the long run with less hair growth, but also your beard and jawline will look AMAZING for longer periods of time. You’ll be surprised by how much free time and money you buy yourself by opting for a laser shape up.

This is only a few of the MANY reasons men should be trying laser hair removal. You can inquire more about the benefits and what to expect by visiting UpLift Spa. So make sure you don’t miss out on a rewarding and results driven experience, and schedule a consultation at Uplift Spa today!

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