What Women Think About Hair on Men

What Women Think About Hair on Men

What Women Think About Hair on Men

Body hair is not just a societal challenge for women, but for men too. Men are more inclined to have a larger supply of a hormone called testosterone, which is one of the reasons men grow beards, chest hair, and back hair, while women don’t. Calling all Men! Should you consider Laser Hair Removal?

Men often wonder: Why should I get rid of my body hair, why can’t I leave it all natural? Well, consider several angles when deciding if hair removal is the best option. Do you really like the way your body hair looks and feels? Do you feel clean? One of the more important considerations and questions men ask themselves is: What do women really think of your body hair?

Well, thanks to an AskMen survey, we can better gauge what women really think of body hair on men so you can further decide if Laser Hair Removal is right for you. If it is, stop on by UpLift Spa! We offer Laser Hair Removal services for both men and women! It’s a great way to permanently remove or tone down the level of hair on men’s bodies.

Some Women Like it Hairy….

According to the survey, some women actually prefer hairier male bodies than bare male bodies. They feel as though hairlessness on men looks prepubescent and unnatural. The survey also suggests that women prefer male facial hair and body hair because it also makes them appear older and wiser. This leads women to associate their appearance with mental maturity.

However, while some women prefer male body hair, they also feel as though proper grooming should still be maintained and any hair in excess, especially back hair, should be eliminated. This is due to the fact that men who groom care about their appearance and come off as more responsible and put together.

Here are some statements from the women who prefer hairier male bodies.

“I personally like a little body and facial hair—scruff if you will, I’ll tend to notice facial hair and a beard before a clean-shaven guy. Something about them looking a little more mature and manly is attractive to me.”

“I’m not looking to date a Mumford and Sons but I don’t mind facial hair or scruff terribly,” says Liz Polcha, 28. “Anything too wild and bushy is a no-no though, and no one besides Mr. Monopoly should have a handlebar mustache either.”

“It’s fine to have chest hair as long as it’s not chest hair that morphs into shoulder, back, and neck hair,” says Polcha. “Back hair is a huge turn off. It’s rough and quite honestly I just find it very unappealing”

“Huge no to back hair!”

This makes Laser Hair Removal a great option because you can cater it to your needs. Leave some hair where you’d like it, and remove the rest.

…And Some Women Like it Bare

Some women actually prefer the look of a hairlessness on men. They associate lack of hair with cleanliness and they feel as though body hair is a detractor for them when trying to scope the body type and muscle mass of men. They also feel that men should have little to no hair in their nether regions due to societal standards women must maintain.

Some women say:

“Keep it under control,” says Jordan, 27. “We’re expected to keep things clean down there and guys should also.”

“I can’t date a man who has body hair,” says one 37-year-old lady from New York City. “When a man has a great body but has hair on top of it, his body appeal is instantly gone. I can’t get past the body hair to see his muscle definition.”

Laser Hair Removal can tone down or fully remove hair, leaving you clean looking and feeling!

Above All, Grooming is What Most Women Can Agree On

Chest workout? Why not show off those pecks! If you’re someone who enjoys working out or athletics, laser hair removal is an absolute necessity. It will make you more agile and aerodynamic, and less likely to harbor unwanted smells due to a sweaty day at the gym. Sweat clings to hair like a magnet, and when sweat mixes with dead skin cells it clogs pores. This can lead to unsightly bumps and body acne. Who needs that, when you can have smooth healthy skin to compliment those chest and shoulder muscles! Be bold, and show it off! You can even take it a step further and get a chest facial ☺

Laser Shape Ups

At the end of the day, one thing all women can agree on when it comes to body hair on men, is that grooming is a must. Excess body hair can be abrasive, it traps dirt and odor which makes it generally unappealing for women. Laser Hair Removal can work to controlling body hair by limiting its production or with enough sessions it can rid hair completely!

“I am married to a husband with a beard and chest hair,” says one girl from San Francisco. “Even if he shaves in the morning, by evening, there is a significant 5 o’clock shadow. That, I like. But beyond the scruff, it gets to be a bit much.”

“I actually prefer hair if it’s maintained,” says another gal. “I think as long as a guy is well-groomed and takes care of himself, it’s great.”

So gentlemen, what are you waiting for? The ladies weighed in on a completely smooth or well maintained body hair is the go-to. So whether you want grooming or complete removal, Laser Hair Removal is your best bet at maintaining well-kept and neat body hair! Book your appointments today!

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