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A revolutionary and relaxing way to lose that extra fat

Our Approach

Many clients are frustrated that no matter how much they exercise or maintain a healthy lifestyle, they just can’t seem to lose that stubborn body fat around the abdomen, back and thighs. Vanquish me is the newest non-invasive treatment that effectively reduces fat, while improving the contouring around your abdomen and love handles. It’s a 45 minute, painless, non-surgical treatment with no down-time. The Vanquish Me treatment does not even touch your skin, so you can expect NO nasty side effects!

HOW DOES IT WORK? The high energy Radio Frequency waves literally “melt away” body fat, selectively targeting only your fat cells. As such, there is no damage to the skin or surrounding muscle tissue. Then your body’s lymphatic system will drain the killed fat cells through the body naturally. This excretion of fat through your body’s lymphatic system generally takes up to a few months post treatment. With a series of 4-6 treatments tailored to your body type and fat loss goals, most clients report up to a 2in – 4in loss around the waist, and up to 25% fat loss in the treatment area.

Check out this video on how Vanquish Me works –

Pricing varies per person. Since everyone’s body type is different, we suggest booking a FREE consultation to determine what package and treatment plan is best for you and your budget. This comfortable, no down-time fat reduction treatment is all the rage. What are you waiting for???

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BTL Vanquish ME before after men

You must start hydrating for 48 hours prior to each appointment. Coconut water is a great way to naturally hydrate.

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Don’t wait any longer. Join the skin care revolution of natural beauty quick fixes and book your appointment today!


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