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All Natural
Brightening Facial

The best of the basics

Our Approach

UpLift Spa specializes in All-Natural Brightening Facials with optional add-ons designed to enhance your facial experience. Your skin is precious so we carefully selected high quality skin care lines that source their ingredients from plants, clays and other natural sources. There are no chemicals in our Facial Skin Care line so it is ideal for all skin types. We proudly use Alitura Naturals, iLike Organics and BioJouvance.

The key brightening ingredients of our facial are 10% L-Ascorbic Acid and Pearl Powder (both in the Alitura Clay Mask). 10% L-Ascorbic Acid is the most immediately absorbable form of vitamin C on the market. It brightens the skin by radically reducing the effects of sun damage and spotting. Pearl Powder is a natural micro-exfoliator that is packed with calcium and magnesium to immediately brighten and lighten your skin, smooth out wrinkles. It is particularly useful for minimizing sunspots, reducing redness, and mitigating irritation.

The Alitura Clay Mask is unlike anything else on the market as it thoroughly purifies skin at its deepest layers. This unique blend of 9 nutrient-dense ingredients exfoliates dead skin, reduces pore openings, stimulates blood flow, and encourages growth of new skin cells.

Benefits All Natural Brightening Facials ($99):

  • Naturally Brighten your skin with Pearl Powder and Vitamin C
  • Extraction of white and black heads
  • High frequency for anti-inflammation and product penetration.
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay extracts acne-producing toxins and metals, and has potent astringent properties that work to shrink and tighten inflamed pores.
  • Naturally exfoliate your skin with grape seed stem cells
  • Perfect for Sensitive skin – NO HARSH CHEMICALS

The detoxifying properties of carefully formulated clays draw out impurities, shrink and tighten inflamed pores, and produce porcelain-smooth skin with a radiant glow. There is no other clay mask like it!

Facial Clay Mask

Some of our natural products are fruit based, so if you are allergic to any fruits, please let us know and we can modify the treatment for you.

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All Natural Brightening Facial
Treatment Prices

A payment plan with 4 interest free payments.

Available Enhancements

  • Natural Acid Peel +$30.00
  • MicroDermabrasion +$30.00
  • LED Light Therapy +$35.00
  • Back facial upgrade +$40.00
  • Silky Hands +$10


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