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Where technology and nature come together to create the most holistic treatment, customized just for your needs. We believe that everyone is beautiful, and we would love the privilege of helping you bring your natural beauty to life!

natural face lift massage uplift spa
natural face lift massage uplift spa


Fat Reduction

Many clients are frustrated that no matter how much they exercise or maintain a healthy lifestyle, they just can’t seem to lose that stubborn body fat around the abdomen, back and thighs.

Vanquish me is the newest non-invasive treatment that effectively reduces fat, while improving the contouring around your abdomen and love handles.


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Facial Treatments20200429180525
Skin Rejuvenation20200429175830
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Laser Treatments20200429173942
Facial Treatments20200429180525
Skin Rejuvenation20200429175830
Body Treatments20200429180714
Gentlemen’s Services20200429180848
Ayurveda Treatments20200429175235

✨ Are you plagued by strawberry legs? Laser Hair Removal is the perfect option for you!

✨ Shaving can actually exacerbate strawberry legs as it opens comedones, exposing the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to air.

✨ Shaving can also cause folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles which can look like strawberry legs!

✨ Laser Hair Removal helps with strawberry legs by removing dark hair, reducing the appearance of strawberry legs.

✨ Laser Hair Removal also lowers the amount of shaving required, resulting in smoother and toned skin.

✨ Curious to learn more? Call/text us at 646-952-2074, DM us here or just stop by!

We hope you’re having an amazing thanksgiving! Friendly reminder, November 30th is ALL DAY Happy Hour!

🥂 We will have free champagne and light refreshments!

🥂 You can also get laser hair removal on any small area for ONLY $39!!!

✨Small Areas Include:✨
Areola, Bikini Line, Cheeks, Chin, Chin Extension, Ears, Feet, Toes, Hands, Fingers, Happy Trail, Lip, Neck, Shape-Up, Sideburns, Underarms

🥂 Promo available in Spa ONLY. Promo cannot be purchased online or over the phone.

We are wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Here are a few things we are grateful for!

✨ We are thankful for our amazing clients and the smiles on their faces when they leave our spa!

✨ We are thankful for nature and our earth for its abundant resources and healing properties.

✨ We are thankful for what the future holds in store for your journey to bringing your natural beauty to life!

✨ What are somethings you are thankful for?! We would love to hear 🥰

🍃 Nature is healing. This is why we use all natural products and natural modalities at UpLift Spa.

🍃 Our services are focused on providing you with REAL results without injection, surgery, or harmful chemicals!

🍃 All of the products we use and carry are formulated without chemicals, which means you can have amazing results without any nasty side effects!

🍃 Bring your NATURAL beauty to life (naturally 😉) at UpLift Spa.

Did you know we offer services for both men and women?!

⚡️ Self care is important for anyone and everyone and UpLift Spa offers plenty of options for your journey!

⚡️ Curious to know what path is for you? Contact us for a consultation!

⭐️ Incredible results from Laser Nail Fungus removal! ⭐️

🦶🏼 Nails look healthier, they are clear from yellowing and there are no more ridges!

🦶🏼 Laser nail fungus removal is a wonderful treatment as many anti-fungal medications can be highly toxic to your liver, bone marrow and nervous system.

🦶🏼The risks of anti-fungal pills far outweigh any benefits. The success rate is much lower than Laser, and pills takes so long to work! Laser treatments can rid you of pesky Nail fungus in just as few as 5 sessions!

🦶🏼 Contact us for a consultation!!!

💖 Nothing puts a smile on our face more than feeling beautiful within your own skin.

💖 While makeup and filters are fun, we really think that what you see when you look in the mirror is essential to feeling confident and beautiful.

💖 All of our services work naturally, without surgery or injections, to bring your natural beauty to life!

💖 And it’s the perfect time to begin that journey because right now we are offering a FREE All Natural Brightening Facial with extractions and with the purchase of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening or an All Natural FaceLift Massage!

💖 To take advantage make sure you call/text us at 646-952-2074, DM us here or just stop by!!

💖 You will leave our spa feeling beautiful and uplifted!

¿Quieres un facial gratis para mimarte y darte un capricho? Bueno ... ¡mira nuestra nueva promoción! 🤗

💖 ¡Ahora mismo puede obtener GRATIS un Facial Iluminador totalmente natural con extracciones y con la compra de Estiramiento de la piel por radiofrecuencia o un Masaje Lifting facial totalmente natural!

💖 ¡El facial iluminador totalmente natural ayuda a limpiar e hidratar profundamente la piel, mientras que las extracciones eliminan impurezas como puntos negros, espinillas y poros obstruidos!

💖 ¡La radiofrecuencia trabaja para tensar y reafirmar la piel y reducir los signos del envejecimiento, mientras que nuestro masaje Lifting facial All Natural levanta y forma la piel flácida!

💖 ¡¿Necesitas saber más ?! Para aprovechar, asegúrese de llamarnos / enviarnos un mensaje de texto al 646-952-2074, enviarnos un mensaje de texto aquí o simplemente pasar por aquí.

Here is a quick POV from a bikini laser treatment!

⭐️ Laser hair removal is the most effective way to get rid of and reduce hair for good!

⭐️ The bikini area is an area that particularly benefits from laser hair removal greatly, as that area is prone to ingrowns, hyperpigmentation, as the hair is usually thicker.

⭐️ Laser hair removal can rid you of bumps, discoloration, and painful ingrowns, leaving your bikini area soft and even in tone and texture.

⭐️ Treatments typically range from 6 to 8 sessions at 6-8 weeks apart!

⭐️ Fall and winter are the perfect times to start! You’ll be bikini ready by next summer!

🍃 One of our favorite and most versatile products are the @youngliving essential oils.

🍃 They offer amazing skin healing benefits and they work great as a therapeutic option to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety.

🍃 Each oil has a multitude of healing benefits and uses, and they are ESSENTIAL to your skincare and self care arsenal!

🍃 We use them in our Facials and our Ayurveda services like Champissage, Kansa Vatki, and LED Light Therapy to allow for a relaxing and calming state of mind.

🍃 We also diffuse them throughout the spa so you’re entered into a relaxing oasis the second you step in through our doors!


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